Apulian craftsmanship marries the fragrances of Erbolinea ... a perfect combination directly in your home with the Pumi of Erbolinea

The Pumo perfumer of Erbolinea


Typical object of the ancient Apulian artisan ceramic tradition, the Pumo is formed by a pointed rose bud surrounded by three leaves and represents rebirth. Symbol of good luck, prosperity and luck, it is given as a gift to married couples to thank for the hospitality or simply to adorn the house.
- 11 Colours available
- 12 Fragrances prestige (Aquamarine, Di...Vino Bianco, Sweet Confetto, Pomegranate Flower, Imperial Woods, Mandarin and Vanilla, Pomegranate, Prosecco, Precious Resins, Rosato di...Vino, Terrae, Vin di...Vino)
- 2 Formats available
- Symbol of fortune and good omen and prosperity
- Handmade by a Apulian professional ceramist
- 100% Grottaglie Ceramics (Apulia)
- It covers the odours
- Subject of prestige
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